Hello Ash Reed here, sharing my biased reasons why you would choose to work with Starlight Strategy. Libby and I have partnered together to bring you an integration of business development and astrology.

My reasons for implementing the work of Starlight Strategy into your budget & strategy:

  • Unique tool for businesses and organizations
  • Fresh approach to how you do your work 
  •  Personal experience & feedback from others

First the basics: do you have a business or organization? Are you in the process of starting a business? Do you manage a team? Is it time for a fresh perspective? If yes to any of those, let us proceed…

Unique tool for businesses and organizations

Our approach may not be for every business because it calls for authenticity, an open mind, and a trust in one’s self to further evolve as a human being. Why? Astrology dives into self awareness and compassion for others. Also the timing of contracts, launches, & meetings can be better utilized with the application of astrology.

Fresh approach to how you do your work

We see a need for organizations, companies and people to incorporate the basic fundamental tools of astrology into their work. This tool is an addition to what you are already doing, such as continuing a weekly meeting, but doing so when the Moon is in a favorable angle to a planet. Implementing this timing piece can improve the quality and outcome of your meetings.

Working under a favorable Moon sign.

Personal experience & feedback from others

In my personal business, I converse with people about their astrology birth chart which can describe a person’s character & how the planets are impacting them today. People often ask questions regarding their work and relationships. With my experiential knowledge & the science of astrology, I help navigate the challenges & offer wisdom. The feedback from people, sometimes months later, is not only uplifting, but validates that this is an excellent tool.

Integration of organizational development and astrology

Our partnership speaks to an up and coming trend for implementing astrology timing and team awareness into the strategy & development of a brand, service, or organization. This integration adds improvements to business communications with your team and clients. Libby and I offer wholeness in the sense of doing work. Those who merge both logic & intuition are ahead of the trend in building business awareness. We offer you an opportunity to be more than your bottom line.