Oh hey. It’s September. It’s birthday month. It’s feeling like fall. It’s Virgo Season. It’s a full moon. It’s time to claim this space.

Finding my center at Big Falls County Park

As we approach the experiment that is FALL SEMESTER 2020, I’m feeling called to share my reflections on how it all unfolds. I kind of wish I’d started daily notes back in March, but there is no time like the present (literally, because again, linear time is not real).

Monday was the opening day of the semester for faculty & staff. After spending all day in meetings, I needed more than my usual dose of nature, so I sat by the river for a few hours to find my center again.

The Chippewa River at Big Falls County Park.

I spent a couple hours sitting on the rocks, feeling the deep roots that this river has set in the earth. I watched the birds, read a little, and pulled a card to offer some guidance for the month ahead.

When facing something new, the wisest of us tries to learn more before diving in…but remember, you are you own pilot. ~ Arwen Lynch

All photos by me, card is pulled from Secrets of the Mystic Grove deck.