We weave traditional methods from organizational

development with the wisdom of astrology

Starlight Strategy provides solutions in business planning & group dynamics. We will light the path for you to make informed decisions about every aspect of your work, helping you to move to a more aligned and effective place. 

Whether you have a challenging business issue or just want to take a fresh approach to planning for the future, we can tailor services to meet your needs.

Ash will work with you to develop birth chart data for you, your employees, and even your business itself. 

Libby will work with you to do an environmental scan of your market and other available data. 

Blending the two approaches, we will develop a plan that is both grounded in the data and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Ash’s Bio

A knack with people & hearing them authentically, I have found the science of astrology to be a gateway to offer more guidance & wisdom. Luckily, astrology shouted at me to use this tool for so much more after a decade of gardening by the moon

With the technology these days, I am able to study as much as my brain can take in a day with astrologers who are in their wise astro years. I then apply it to my everyday life & keep coming back for more.

My closest relationships with my husband, our daughter & self dramatically transformed when I understood & honored our birth charts. I genuinely love studying, applying & teaching this incredible tool called astrology.

Crossing Paths – Ash’s Version

There is a cosmic bond about crossing paths with someone when you both are about to shed old skin to emerge into the new. 

Libby and I crossed in 2017 & I almost immediately asked her birthday to offer some impromptu astrology advice. I planted the astrology seeds which finally came to fruition many months later marking the start of a friendship & our transformations. She into honoring and seeking out her magic & I starting my astrology business.

Libby’s Bio

Working with astrology feels like a return to my roots. Someone told me a couple of years ago that I should try to remember what made 10-year-old Libby happy and do those things. Well, tiny Libby was into palm reading, tarot, and astrology. As I grew older, society told me those things were make believe, and so a career in the social sciences pulled me towards skepticism and disbelief. 

Exploring my birth chart as an adult felt like seeing the deepest truths about myself laid out on paper. It also deeply informed my feelings about my own work and career path. I immediately saw the connection between the organizational development work that I am trained in and the starlit path that astrology provides.

Crossing Paths – Libby’s Version

The first time I met Ash, I was not yet a recovering skeptic; when she began telling me how the stars and planets impacted my life, I had more than a little doubt. However, she explained things in a way that seemed logical and useful (maybe she did this because she knew I was a Virgo!). 

We crossed paths again a couple months later and she immediately brought up astrology again! The seeds had been planted and I was more intrigued and open. We finally sat down in March of 2018 to go over my birth chart and everything she said had such amazing clarity to it. She gave me insight and tips for integrating  the guidance astrology offers into my daily life in a way that changed me for the better.

Approach/How We Work:

° Collaboratively establish your needs and a vision for our work together

° Using the science of astrology we offer you directives, not predictions

° Inspire passion and bring human connection to your work space 

° Willingness to have the tough conversation, we won’t sugar coat

° Honest, Ethical, & Transparent Communication

We light the path for you

Team-Building Package 

Build understanding, connection, and effectiveness. Whether your team dynamics are a challenge or you are just looking to level-up your performance, our approach will provide new insights and a road map for success. We can incorporate breathwork, meditation, group intention setting, and other activities designed to build compassion and connection.

  • Customized 1/2 Day Workshop:
  • Birth chart for each team member
  • Synastry analysis for the full team to understand interactions 
  • Dialogue about gifts & challenges of group
  • Tailored activities to address group needs
  • Maintenance plan for integrating new ways of being
  • For Teams 5 or less $3,131 

Business Start-Up Package

Align your passion & your purpose. The wisdom of astrology can shine a light on your market, your messaging, and your timing. Combining this information with traditional business planning and marketing strategies can help you stay on your highest path while launching a new business. 

  • Customized 1/2 Day Workshop:
  • Birth chart for the business owner & dialogue
  • Birth chart for the business 
  • Development of a 1-2 year business plan
  • Embedded plan for measuring success
  • $2,222 and are adjusted based on specific needs

Strategic Planning Package

Driven by your mission and the Universe. Strategic planning can seem like an overwhelming task and is often neglected. Combining astrology with a more traditional planning framework can bring a fresh perspective to the process. Ensure that your strategic plan is both in alignment with your highest path and the timing of your planned activities are synchronized with the energy of the Universe.

  • Birth charts for key leaders in the organization
  • Birth chart for the business
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions
  • Development of a 5 year strategic plan
  • Development of Mission, Vision, Values statement if needed
  • Embedded plan for measuring success
  • $5,552 and are adjusted based on size of organization

Custom Package 

Designed with your birth chart and your unique needs in mind. No two organizations are the same, let’s chat and figure out what combination of services is right for your business and your budget.

“If you can fall in love with who you are and fully express yourself living inside your elemental nature

– I promise, you are making a great contribution!”

– Debra Silverman, Astrologer