My work is an invitation to heal ourselves and our organizations from the harms of racial capitalism. At an individual level, we are angry, disconnected, and burned out. At an organizational level, we are overwhelmed, siloed, and stuck in complexity. As an organizational healing facilitator, I hold space for leaders and organizations seeking transformative change. You are ready to work with me if you are open to slowing down, looking inside, and getting honest about what you need to thrive. 

At the core of all my work is a commitment to cultivating radical self-love in myself and others. It is with this strong core that we are able to connect deeply with others to do the transformative change work that will dismantle systems of oppression. Through an embodied approach we are continually in the process of coming home to ourselves, while still having to live in a culture saturated with ways that try to disconnect and divide us. Whether individually or as a group, we do this through intention and practice. 

1:1 Coaching

Most of my clients come to me feeling a sense of disconnection and overwhelm. They feel frustrated with their career and their personal life lacks joy and pleasure. Through breathwork, somatic awareness, and reflective practice we move towards embodied healing.

Every coaching client I work with receives a customized plan; there is no one size fits all as we each arrive at a different place in the journey home to self. My role is always to facilitate your ability to create meaningful change in your own life and the world around you. I provide you the framework and tools for learning and healing and you set the agenda.

Ultimately our work together is about you getting to know yourself better and developing a deeper sense of love & compassion for yourself. My work is to hold space, witness your process, and hold up a mirror as needed. Your work is to be honest & vulnerable and to stay open to the mystery of your continual evolution. 

We turn inward to arrive at our deep knowing

that we are all connected.

Groups & Organizations

Reasons we might work together

  • You need to have hard conversations 
  • You’re feeling lost in all the complexity and change
  • Your strategic planning cycle is ineffective or non-existent
  • Your meetings aren’t working for you anymore
  • Internal power struggles and competition for resources derail progress
  • The team is feeling overwhelmed or stuck

Organizational wellness doesn’t happen through a one day strategic planning session, a  workshop on self care and an annual team building retreat. It takes consistent, intentional, practice. Those practices include both “traditional” mechanisms like visioning, strategic planning, and evaluation as well as cultivating “new” practices of being together through grounding, centering, and compassion. 

This is the space where organizational development meets personal growth, we can’t have one without the other. The organization can only ever be as healthy as the sum of individual members’ wellness. Everyone must have the space to show up as their full, authentic selves and it is through this intersection of collective values that an organization can achieve its goals.

Visioning, Strategic Planning, & Evaluation

Our work is not linear. We will create a cycle of change that includes checking in with our values, identifying strategic goals, and regularly evaluating and reflecting on the alignment of the two. Common ground and space for authenticity is the foundation. I work with many partners to develop this work, my role is to hold space for everyone to operate from their center. 


From everyday team meetings to multi-day retreats, we can transform how and why you meet. The time you spend together at work should be purposeful and productive. There are a wide variety of embodied and interpersonal practices that ensure all voices are heard and that every person feels respected. You can have gatherings that are accessible and meaningful. 

Small Group Coaching

Work with leadership teams and project teams to clarify values, find a shared purpose, and build trust. Like the 1:1 coaching, we will take an embodied approach to building strong intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

Culture Change

Definitely not the traditional approach to org culture. We begin this work by asking ourselves – how do we release the demands of racial capitalism while still operating within the system?  The demands of capitalism lead to burnout and disconnection, but I believe we can make structural changes and interpersonal changes that reject the status quo while remaining profitable. 

Hard Conversations & Conflict Transformation

Fear often holds us back from having necessary conversations, from being honest about our needs, from confronting ongoing conflict. Through dialogue, exploring shared values, and creativity, relationships are transformed bringing more trust and connection. Conflict can be generative when it is met with humility and compassion.

We create a new foundation for your work, one built on humility, trust, and love.

Working with Libby was the best career investment I have ever made. Breathing with Libby brought me back to my deepest sense of purpose and helped me launch the next phase of my career. New job. New field. New role. I worked hard for it all, but Libby helped me find my path and the rest unfolded from there.

Karen Quiroz, Development and Learning Manager, Nexus Community Partners

I started working with Libby when I wasn’t sure what was off in my life, but knew that something had to change.  Breathing with Libby allowed me to name the things going on in my life and help me find my center.  I now feel more joy and focus in the things that matter most for me.  Since starting breathwork, making new decisions comes much easier to me, and I don’t second guess myself as I would in the past.  Libby is a wonderful guide to help you find your own truth and teach you the tools to stay on that path.

Chelsea Lovejoy, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, UW-Stout

I started breathwork out of curiosity and have found it to be transformational, for myself personally and as a leader.  Having an hour each week that is healing and provides a particular kind of rest, restoration, and space for clarity and personal epiphanies has helped me be more grounded, centered, and able to be authentic and fully human in all parts of my life.  And doing this work in virtual community has also been really powerful.

Sarah Stachowiak, CEO, ORS Impact

Before I met Libby, I was lost personally and professionally, and looking for answers anywhere I could. After working with Libby for just a few months, they helped me see that the answers to all my questions were already within me. My work with Libby drew out the confidence and strength I didn’t know I possessed.

Chelsea Horvath, Consultant, Lionheart Data