Together we will get curious about how you can show up with Joy and Purpose in your work, make more aligned decisions, live into your values, and reimagine what success looks like. 

This is an invitation to shift towards a different way of being in our work and in the world. Disconnection from ourselves, the land, and each other has brought rupture and discord in our communities and organizations. We are entrained to work in many ways that deplete our energy and spirit. In reclaiming these connections we will transform the world around us. Now is the time to step towards cultivating more trust and compassion in our bodies, our relationships, and our workspaces. Now is the time to step towards healing and liberation.

You know in your heart there is a better way

— we will face those fears together.

About Me

With 5 planets in air signs and a stellium in the 10th house of career and calling, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our work lives better. I was also born under a new moon, my path in life is to initiate new cycles and new ways of being. I believe we can create transformative change through intention and practice. And yes, I believe in astrology. 

Throughout the course of my professional and spiritual development, I have learned to hone my skills in multiple traditions and practices. Taking a soul-aligned approach to each of these practices, I serve people and organizations in diverse ways. Along my path, I have developed skills in colonial methods of organizational development, including facilitation, mediation, strategic planning, and evaluation. 

My passion is in combining these practices with embodied ways of being that return us home to ourselves, help us begin to live in interdependence, and deconstruct oppressive structures. Through breathwork and politicized somatics we build a strong core, of love, dignity, joy, and presence that is necessary to do our transformative work in the world. 

My role is always to facilitate your ability to create meaningful change in the world from a place that honors everyone’s humanity, including your own.

I use multiple methods to help you in:

  • Cultivating presence as a leader 
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Aligning your work with your values
  • Moving ideas into action
  • Releasing belief patterns and retraining your nervous system through somatic practices & breathwork


    • Trust in the Universe & my own intuition
    • Collective liberation & equity
    • Collective action & interdependence
    • A belief in the power of intention
    • Unconditional kind regard & radical hospitality

      Who informs my work:

      I live and work alongside my wife, Gwendolyn, in Appalachian, Ohio. My life and work are informed by my connection to nature and the cycles of the moon. I also want to name those whose work has most inspired me. My approach is deeply informed by the works of adrienne maree brown, specifically Emergent Strategy, as well as the collected works of Brene Brown

      Three magical healers are responsible for bringing about transformative change in my life and lighting my path, each a true leader for the 21st Century. I am proud to be part of the Sage Priestess lineage; It’s hard to put into words how much Vanessa’s way of being in this world guides my own development as a living priestess. Aaron Rose is a transformation coach that is healing the world from a new paradigm and has taught me that everything is possible. And Amy Kuretsky has taught me how to live and work from a place of embodiment through a transformative breathwork practice.

      I walk alongside you on your journey, free of judgement and without the need to “fix” things for you. I open my heart to you and offer permission to embrace transformative change.

      Essentially, I hold space for you to heal yourself.

      Offering practices that center and stabilize, Libby’s support is steady ground in a changing world. As Libby blends politicized somatics and breath work, tarot and astrology, companionship and leadership, I find myself called into the deep work of being human with her guidance and feel seen, validated, and challenged in the best of ways. A trusted confidant and an inspiring facilitator.

      Gwendolyn Ren, Guide & Gatherer

      Here’s what I can say with 100% genuineness: you will never regret working with Libby. She will push you and challenge you in places that you might have had glimpses of – places you know need work – but haven’t had the fortitude to confront. She will test your misconceptions about yourself and you will resist, but come out the other side a different, better person.  Libby has helped me see my path and take full advantage of that path while letting go of my self-judgment – little by little. She communicates with love and understanding and when I doubt myself, she is there to lift me up. I highly recommend Libby’s services as they are worth every penny. She is a mentor, personal coach, dear friend, and I am grateful she’s had the patience to teach me that I am worthy of my highest path.

      Amy Huo, Owner & Chef, Locavore Mobile Kitchen

      I had the honour of working closely with Libby over the course of a year. I witnessed Libby go to the tough and tender places within, show true compassion and kindness to others, and consistently approach her life and work with curiosity. Libby is a natural poet. I’m not sure she would describe herself in this way but I see someone who is able to translate and transmute experience in a way that both honours the struggle while finding new ways of being. She shows true courage, strength and love in the ways she shows up in the world and for others. I wholeheartedly recommend her to support you as you find your soul’s path and step into new forms of leadership that are so very needed in these times.

      Vanessa Sage, Living Priestess, Sage Priestess Certification & Sage Intuitive Tarot School

      After working as mentor and coach with Libby over the past eight months, I’ve seen her lean into the discomfort of spiralic growth that comes along with doing deep inner work, and seen come out the other side with an even greater ability to witness and support spiralic growth in others. I fully believe that the best teachers and space holders are the ones who are still on their own path – knowing that there’s no such thing as an end point – and Libby is someone who embodies that fearlessness to continuously walk along her life’s path with curiosity, faith, and an open heart. While that could be said of many people, Libby’s extra special skill is her ability to use her years of facilitation experience to bring that commitment of depth to larger groups and organizations.   

      Amy Kuretsky, Breathwork Facilitator & Coach for Creative Business Owners