integration breathwork

A breathwork practice for cultivating embodied presence. 

Why Breathwork? 

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses a 3-part breathing technique. It powerfully helps us step outside our thinking mind. It clears perceptual filters and allows us to be fully present to ourselves and life’s biggest challenges. For too long we have separated the domains of self care and professional development, through breathwork we can shift our beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & privilege. Breathwork is a tool that can help you be a more centered, grounded, and compassionate professional. It allows us the space to open our heart and access our bodies wisdom.

Through breathwork we can shift

the beliefs & behaviors that keep us stuck

in imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & privilege.

Your guide

Libby Smith (she/they) is an organizational healing facilitator. As an experienced and holistic evaluator and educator she excels at the human component of our work lives.

Never one to shy away from crucial conversations, Libby deftly balances accountability and compassion. Their work focuses on building the capacity for holding change through personal growth & embodiment practices. Libby uses all of these skills to provide intersectional and liberation-forward guidance to organizations and clients seeking transformative change.

She has been practicing breathwork since 2017, primarily with the guidance of Amy Kuretsky, and has trained in breathwork facilitation with David Elliott. She has been practicing somatics since 2019, with both generative somatics and Strozzi Institute instructors.


Integration Breathwork

Formerly known as Being Human at Work, this practice is for evaluators, researchers, academics, and others in the information economy. Our work relies on key interpersonal skills (e.g. collaboration, facilitation, conflict management), doing these things well requires embodied presence.  Through deep conversation and a healing practice we work together to heal the wounds that keep us from embracing our full humanity in all aspects of our life. Ultimately we seek to be fully present to ourselves and others.

Solo Work 

Finding and staying on our aligned path can be a deeply personal journey. We can work together one on one to re-imagine how you can show up with joy and purpose in your work, make more aligned decisions, and redefine what success looks like. Solo sessions are 75-minutes via Zoom. They begin with an aligned intention setting practice, followed by a 40-minute guided breathwork experience and time for reflection.

Group Work

Breathing together creates a surprisingly powerful energetic connection between participants, even across the space and time of our virtual connection. Group breathwork offers the opportunity to heal in community, building your awareness that we are never alone in this deep work. 

During the weekly circle we have a brief discussion on the topic of the session (perfectionism, objectivity, etc.) and then we will lay down and breathe together for about 30 minutes. The final part of the call will be an opportunity to reflect, share, and ask questions. Sessions are recorded and offered to those who signed up only.

The exchange for each session is $11 exchange for each session, register for whichever ones resonate for you. For alternatives to a monetary exchange, please email me at 

Organizational Work

Custom group sessions for teams and groups are also an option.


Upcoming Integration Breathwork Dates

Tuesday, April 9,  7:30 – 8:30pm CT

Tuesday, April 16,  7:30 – 8:30pm CT 

Tuesday, April 30,  7:30 – 8:30pm CT 

If you would like to join all three April sessions, the full package is $30

* * *

Tuesday, May 14,  7:30 – 8:30pm CT

Tuesday, May 21,  7:30 – 8:30pm CT

Tuesday, May 28, 7:30 – 8:30pm CT
If you would like to join all three May sessions, the full package is $30

Each session is at 7:30pm CT. Use this link to convert to your time zone.

How to prepare for breathwork

Doing breathwork in the comfort of your own home is a wonderful way to experience this work. No prior experience with breathwork is necessary. Each session will include a brief explanation of how we breathe together. You’ll want to plan to be in a space where you can lie down (on a bed, or yoga mat) and have an hour of private time. Nothing else is required, but you may want to have some water, a journal and pen, and a blanket nearby.

The breathwork and the conversation that follows can bring up a lot of feelings. It is ideal if you show up willing to be on camera, but it is not required. Everyone’s mic is muted during the breathwork portion of group sessions. For recorded sessions, they will only be made available to those who sign up in advance to protect the integrity of the space together. 


Breathwork allows you to be a more centered, grounded, and compassionate professional.

Through breathwork, I am finding my way back to listen to my body from a space of love and grace. It has helped me practice my craft with more humanness. Libby’s breathwork sessions provide the gentle caring space that our mind and body deserve.

Chithra Adams, Phd, Director of Evaluation, Human Development Institute

I’ve been breathing with Libby for several months and it has become a transformative practice for me. Her guidance, both in terms of the prompts for reflection and support throughout the practice of breathing, is reassuring and so supportive. I have been able to release so much old trauma in my body and have gotten so much more comfortable just being with what is. 

Laura O’Brien, Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Digital Impact Alliance

I engaged in my first experiences with breathwork on a whim. Libby was someone I had come to know and trust in my professional life as an evaluator and when she began offering breathwork sessions via Zoom I thought, “why not.” These past 3 months, since I started practicing breathwork with Libby, have been transformative. Carving out 1 hour each week to breath has been restorative for me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each week I have vastly different experiences; yet I manage to bear witness to new parts of myself with each session. I am rooting into my purpose, finding safety in myself, and experiencing clarity that has evaded me for the past five years. I am eager to continue my breathwork journey alongside Libby; I have so much of myself to unlock!

Kathleen Doll, PhD, Lead Consultant, Intention 2 Impact

I love working with Libby and look forward to every session. Libby is a loving, understanding, and wise teacher and healer. She creates a space for reflection and sharing where I feel accepted and heard. I feel very empowered in my own growth by doing breathwork with Libby and would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take on this journey!

Lenka Berkowitz, Evaluation Manager

My mind and body don’t settle easily. Breathwork has been one of the only things that has allowed me to rest and remain conscious and present. I have found Libby’s approach from start to finish transformative.

Jara Dean-Coffey, Founder, Equitable Evaluation Initiative

Breathwork has been one of the weekly activities that I may not always want to do, but I never end up regretting. Libby’s guidance through breathwork have been so helpful in recognizing what my body is trying to tell my mind, which has helped me bring myself to my work much more authentically.

Dana Wanzer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, UW-Stout

It is hard for me to describe what happens in breathwork group…this active breathwork is incredibly transformative. My whole being was overflowing with self love and gratitude. It is amazing what was possible when I allowed my imagination and inner wisdom to take over my purest space of relaxation and non-judgment. Honestly, so epic.

Nina Sabarre, PhD, Founder, Intention 2 Impact